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How Good Wheel got started

Alex Oversized Slice in NYC I’ve always loved pizza. Everyone loves pizza, but I am OBSESSED. Lots of restaurants make good hot and fresh pizza, and lots of places make underwhelming frozen pizza. It wasn’t until the pandemic started that I found a weird gap; no one was really trying to make a GREAT frozen pizza.

At the beginning of lockdown, my friends and I had set up a weekly Sunday-night poker game. To alleviate the pressure of making dinner before our game, I made it a ritual of trying a new frozen pizza each week. Working through most of the major brands, and a few more specialty options, I was left wanting more. They were all lame. The dough lacked air, flavour, moisture. The toppings were cheap. The crust would burn before the cheese melted. And on and on… the ritual became old quickly.

Alex and Jordan Commons, Good Wheel

Why can’t we have better frozen pizza? I joined forces with my brother, Jordan—an actual chef—to answer this question. A question that led to a lot of research, conversations, and trial and error… and ultimately, the best frozen pizza we’ve ever had. We’ve dialed into a flavourful sourdough pizza that maintains it’s charm even after being frozen and reheated. All the elements are tuned so that the pizza peaks when you pull it from your home oven.

We want to create a world where frozen pizza is exciting, regardless of your proximity to an incredible pizzeria, and we’re pretty confident you’ll like what we bring to the table.

- Alex & Jordan